Community & Global Ecology:

CGE place-based program uses the local environment to explore the impacts of the built environment on vital natural resources by linking learning and action with a science curriculum that connects local ecology to global issues. Taught in public middle and high schools in Contra Costa and Alameda counties students use the local environment and community as a framework to construct their own learning through our innovative curriculum based on the California Science Framework. CETES affords 14-18 year old urban youth an opportunity to environmentally learn and lead within their community — and how the practical experiences they gain through the program can serve them a lifetime.


Our goal is to provide students and teachers with the scientific knowledge and critical thinking skills required to link community conditions to strategies for improving the quality of life locally and globally while promoting academic achievement and increased retention levels. Ultimately, we hope to increase urban youth’s interest and confidence in pursuing science, environment, and health based research, and to begin to realize their potential as the next generation of leaders.

“It is necessary to engage students in science activites by placing them in a position of responsibility for the learning task. Students should be provided with experimental problem-solving experiences where the results have direct meaning for them.” —Science Framework of California Public Schools


CGE includes:

  • Curriculum development tailored to student needs and the local environment
  • In-class and outdoor instruction modeled for teachers and their students during regular class periods
  • Service Learning projects in accordance with district requirements
  • Professional Development Training for Educators


“The program is excellent! It provided ongoing, interrelated lessons on a central them which related directly with the students’ lives.” —West Contra Costa Unified School District Teacher