On Saturday me Alma, Brittany, Paul went to Contra Costa College to work with some other people to work on the garden they come out to at the college. When we got there we had to sign up then we started to work it was ok, I haven’t done that in like four year’s since when I was in high School so it was like a good feeling working with other people and meeting new people so I had a nice time there. The only thing I didn’t like when my face started to itch an that’s about it. Everything else was ok. I think maybe I’m not used to it so that’s why I started to itch but it was ok. An the other thing I like about it I learned how to use the tool’s they use in the garden, so that was a good thing because if I want to go work in a garden I know what to do, it was a nice day that day we had a fifteen minute break an ate snack bars and we drank water. It was feeling like you were working out or something. After we were done with our fifteen, we started back working in the garden. We started to clean up then when we got done with that we it was time to go. I was happy because by then I just wanted to go home and get in the shower but we went to eat lunch at Wing-Stop and took our food to go so went back to the office an everyone just went home so that’s the day I had on Saturday it was a nice day for me I enjoyed it.How do I like it in Richmond? Its ok, I’m not from out here. I was born in San Francisco so that’s where I’ve been for my twenty-two year’s of my life so I don’t know too much about Richmond. I just go home and mind my own business. I don’t want to meet new friend’s at all. I been living out here for like two year’s now and I already got my house broken into already. There was nothing I could do but to put call to the police and that’s what I did. They didn’t do anything but ask me some dumb questions. After that was done I went to my family’s house in San Francisco and stayed with them for some days. Sometimes I wish I could stay in the city. But then I don’t, because I have my own place in Richmond and there’s nothing like having your own. What made me move to Richmond? I was staying with my cousin in the city and one day I said to myself: “It’s time for me to get my own place. I’m out of school, so what’s stopping me? And that’s what I did. I came out here and sign up for hosing. And then a month passed by and next thing I know, they mailed me something and I moved in like that. I say to myself, if I didn’t get this place were would I be staying? Would I be homeless or what? So that’s why I thank god everyday for doing what he did for me. The end of my letter thanks u so much for reading it!

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