In the city of Richmond California there are trashy environments, and I took some time to take some pictures at the Nevin Center in Central Richmond where there was trash on the ground scattered around the playground area and even out of the area. As I took the pictures I was thinking about how this affected the environment that some of us live in and I wondered why doesn’t anyone throw their trash away anymore?Before I took the pictures there were two women observing me. One was a caucasian women and one was a black woman.There was a latino man janitor also there to pick up the trash. I asked the caucasian woman can i take pictures of the trashy environment of the center. What came to my mind when I asked and waited for a answer was “I dont think she wants her center to look filthy,” but the caucasian woman decided to let me take the pictures for my project and I was pleased.In some of the pictures it looked as if there had been a barbecue and people didn’t think twice about throwing their trash away on the floor. In one of the pictures, there was a plastic loop from a six-pack of cans and it reminded me how me and my uncle saw a bird strangled inside one of them and soon died. So as it was on the ground I said to myself if it happened to one bird it can happen to another and how dangerous it was to litter and leave trash on the ground.After I took the pictures I left to get back to work at MA’AT and show the pictures to Aree and she said thumbs up. I did not help the the people pick up the trash because I felt like if I was doing that then I was not doing what I was supposed to do for my project. But now that I know how bad litering is, I wouldnt do it and I wouldnt encourage other people to do it.

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