The name Richmond High School (RHS) has been heard all throughout the world because of what happened last year; the infamous rape. Does it take something so tragic to happen in order for the press to come out to our school? Well I guess so, when testing came around we got the highest test scores from all high schools in Richmond. But did the media come to do a broadcast about that? No, and I think that we should’ve been praised instead of only displaying our negativity.I am currently attending Richmond High School for the ’10-’11 school year as a sophomore willing to advance to the next grade. RHS has a lot of different academies to join such as, Engineering Academy, Health Academy, Multimedia Academy, Law Academy etc. Each academy contains different classes that you may need to take in order to help you become successful in the future. I am part of the Engineering Academy, where we create robotics, learn about famous engineers, we learn about the engineering world. At the Ma’at Youth Academy, this summer we learned about the water cycle: urban run off, the purification process, pollution etc. We’ve watched videos, PowerPoints, and even went on a few field trips. It was interesting to learn about the positive aspects of Richmond and the people itself. I just want to say that RHS is a good school in my neighborhood, and I really enjoy attending there.