Summers got you in a drag, too much spare time, friends want to go places , and you’re letting them down because you’re always broke, worse you’re always borrowing. Ma’at offers a perfect summer opportunity not just as a job, but a to learn about the threats to our world. Especially if your conscious is uneasy about the world we live in. Even if we wanted to help, the little things we do are non productive because of the corporations churning out pollutants and unrecyclable items they produce in record numbers. We must stop thinking like this; this train of though is getting us nowhere. Even if you’re a downer, you can have faith in knowing you contributed to beautifying our world. With the information you receive in Ma’at you can do your part, even if it’s little it’s still a part you’re playing. Don’t forget to inform your neighborhood; “You have the power.” As said by Captain Planet.My summer plans weren’t much except a class and an ongoing struggle to find a part time job. There was little hope in the latter, but when it happened there was relief on my part. As my mother strolled along McDonald’s there was a realization on my part that a lot of Richmond was unexplored to me. If by some miracle this became a part of my summer. Where would my breaks be, where would I eat lunch? The people that day, my new co-workers , and my new boss took it upon themselves to introduce me to some of their eatery’s. In the first day there was but one me, boy. But it wasn’t ackward. My co-workers were very talkative, full of energy, even this early in the morning. They tried to bring me into the conversations, even if they left me out it was nice to have that commotion in the office. The following days saw new faces and different personalities. Eventually I settled, along with my focus and energy.When it was announced there would be a fieldtrip the following week, there was, (dare I say it,) excitement in the air! My eyes would get their time in the sun. However, the trips also served an educational purpose. We toured a lot of places that don’t get attention and aren’t noticed by locals. Some of the places we toured were the Chevron facilities and the nearby chemical factory. I’d been aware of Chevrons existence but not to the extent of it’s past and present actions, such as the1998 Toxic Spill ( my research project ), the fact that Chevron hires outside employees , that if any Richmond residents are hired they are hired for janitorial or chemical clean up jobs. The Chemical plant which is only across the street only serves to function alongside Chevron. Which has in itself polluted the airs over Richmond, resulting in a rise of asthma.At the end of the tour we saw a park (darn forgot the name), the marsh and in the distance was a penitentiary. Then someone mentioned something about a lady being run over by trains on the track, what a way to end the tour com-padre. Our final trip was to San Francisco. Muni seemed like an outdated BART or a relic of the cold war transportation. But it had a pleasant homely feel to it, it was my first. It was a scenic walk to CA academy of Science. The line seemed endless, but when we finally reached the end to wait there was commotion among us about whether we should wait it out, or or spend the next two hours in the park, take a few pictures and what not. We ended up waiting and the wait was worth it.There was a room filled with sea creatures. And on the ground level, there was a whole section dedicated to alternative modes of transportation. We took the same scenic route home but what else could we ask of SF.This was only my 2nd opportunity working, a lot of emotions were running through me; mostly fear. Fear that this opportunity would be short, somehow I’d do something wrong or that my presence would be that of a ghost. But my co-workers and employers involved me in conversations, even paid attention. Spring Courses were over and my job was seasonal. Even before summer set in I was running around looking for a summer opportunity. When things got quiet which was occasional someone would karaoke and I’d feel awake again. Much of the songs were oldies but they were everything everyone remembered and something no one could argue against especially if someone was singing in the office. The field trips offered us insights into our neighborhood backyards and into the much larger bay. A moment outside of the office to stretch our legs, see new sights, and entertain each other with our opinions on varied topics. All together this was a great summer opportunity. With out Ma’at there people would have been just just bystanders on th bus, bart or sidewalk. Limit your purchase of plastics, do your part. “The power is yours!”