Since the beginning of time the world has gone through many environmental changes and natural disasters; these phenomenon are inevitable they drove the dinosaurs to extinction and may one day wipe out the human race as we know it. Could this be part of God’s blueprint for evolution, we don’t know. This is why Global warming tends to be a primary topic on news stations to meteorologists. In 2002 El Niño took our Pacific coast by storm; and in 2005 Hurricane Katrina flooded our gulf coats leaving the average American citizen to ponder what’s next. If we don’t take notice to these warning signs I’m afraid we will see the same fate as the dinosaurs. It’s our duty to protect our atmosphere from pollution and other man-made contributions to this new global crisis.Global warming is caused by carbon dioxide and other air pollution that is collected in the atmosphere; this can cause stronger hurricanes, periods of extreme weather, and heat waves. Scientists blame greenhouse gases which are the burning of fossil fuels. Either way the people as a whole are to blame an we can only save ourselves; by buying more environmental friendly vehicles and saving our forests. Easier said than done but if we succeed in taking these baby steps we can change the pattern of global warming and make sure history doesn’t continue to repeat itself and lead us down this hot, humid dead-end street.The Earth we inhabit is truly one of a kind; if we were missing one element of its make-up we would all be either suffocating or burnt to a crisp. A life-size model of how the earth uses its atmosphere to furbish us is a greenhouse for plants (hints) greenhouse effect: this is the way our planet traps and contains heat. This heat is generated from the sun and then reflected back to the atmosphere which is then captured by natural gases which consist of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, and water vapor. This leaves little room for man-made chemicals we release on a everyday basis that is why we have to be cautious of global warming because the Earth has provided us with everything we need and we continue to over do. Our greenhouse effect is not completely bad. If humans didn’t have such a great need for fossil fuels the temperature on earth would be 59 degrees lower than the average, this would perhaps be to cold to sustain life on Earth. Humans may be able to thrive but organisms and vegetation would be scarce or non-existent.It is of prime importance that we find a balance and a standard to hold our environment and atmosphere to, so we can benefit from our world and its ability to evolve with us with a “bend but don’t break” attitude we also will have to compromise in order to extend our stay on Earth before global warming or natural disasters drive us to extinction. We know the problem now its time to do something about it this is what I intend to do from here on out with my article creating awareness to this global crisis that can be prevented by simply being monitored.

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